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Need a professional opinion on what route to take with your song/album?
Do you want to get started on a project (or a career), but aren't sure what steps are the right ones to take?
Schedule a consultation session with us, and we'll discuss your options and help you work out a roadmap, so you can avoid the pitfalls of the music industry.


Recording Rates

  • Vocal Recording (or individual instrument recording) is USD$40 per hour {2 hours minimum} (or USD$300 per 8-hour day) including engineer.
  • Acoustic Drums or Full Live Band recording is USD$50 per hour {3 hours minimum} (or USD$350 per 8-hour day) including engineer.
  • Block Out (no one else can use the studio) is USD$800 per day



  • Mixed Beats from our library start at USD$300.
  • Custom Beat-Making starts at USD$500 per song. Professional session musicians are available.

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Production and Custom Instrument Tracks (Per Song)

If your budget allows, we recommend adding as many of the options below as you can for a more polished sounding song.

  • Live Studio Drums (Acoustic Kit) - USD$200 - Our veteran drummer, playing in a state of the art studio specially built for drum recordings, provides the heartbeat to your song. Get rich sound quality, across the tonal spectrum, and ensure that your end result is a timeless, world class recording.
  • Live Studio Drums (Hybrid) - USD$350 Harness the raw power of acoustic drums and combine it with the versatility of electronic kits to get the best of both worlds, and build a solid foundation for your next big hit.
  • Sequenced Electronic Drums (Drum Machines) - USD$200 - Up to 24 tracks of programmed drum beats up to 5 minutes long, recorded to your song.
  • Live Percussion - USD$125 - From eastern rhythms to Latin and world music, Jamplified's percussionists provide multi-genre offerings to make your songs soar.
  • Live Studio BassUSD$150 - Get the live bass groove that your song is missing.
  • Live Studio Guitars - USD$150 - From ska to strumming acoustic guitars, electric guitars, metal riffs, complex solo leads to folk finger picking, we cater to all your musical needs.
  • Live Studio Keyboards - USD$150 - Use our keyboard tracks to add body and feel to an existing song, or send us a scratch track and we will re-track your song with a piano or any other keyboard instrument you'd like.
  • Live Horn Section (Brass)- USD$300 - Get a horn section (6 to 12 tracks of brass instruments) to add that extra ‘oomph’ to your song. The horns will enhance your hook and be the perfect accompaniment to your song.
  • Background Vocals (Single Vocalist) - USD$150 - 6 to 12 tracks of backing vocals with harmonies. Behind every great singer there are great backing vocalists. Add the greatness that your song needs to stand out and grab the listener’s attention.
  • Background Vocals (Trio) - USD$350 - 12 to 36 tracks of backing vocals with harmonies for a powerful sound accompanying the lead vocal.
  • Dedicated Producer/Composer USD$350 - Upgrade to a seasoned producer who will manage your project and shape your work with a vision to create inspired music.

*Please note: Studio time fees are not included in instrument tracks prices above. 

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Vocal Tuning & Audio Editing

  • Tuning and Audio Editing - USD$45 per hour

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  • Gold Single Mix - 8 hours mixing (includes up to two revisions) - USD$310 per song - [add USD$75 for Mastering]
  • Platinum Single Mix - 12 hours mixing (includes up to two revisions) - USD$450 per song - [add USD$75 for Mastering]
  • Diamond Single Mix - 2 days mixing (includes up to two revisions) - USD$900 per song - [add USD$75 for Mastering]

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  • Individual Songs - USD$75 per song
  • Twelve to Fifteen Song Package - USD$800

- Includes one free modification. Additional modifications are $45/each.
- Songs over 5 minutes in length will be subject to additional fees.

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CD & DVD Printing and Duplication

  • Black and White CDs - USD$1.30 per CD
  • Colour CDs- USD$1.80 per CD
  • Full Colour UV Coated CDs - USD$2.10 per CD
  • Black and White DVDs - USD$1.50 per DVD
  • Colour DVDs- USD$2 per DVD
  • Full Colour UV Coated DVDs - USD$2.30 per DVD

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Promotion and Marketing

  • Street Team Distribution of Promo CDs for a single/album to major radio, club, and sound system DJs across Jamaica - USD$450 (CDs not included)
  • Caribbean-wide Email Blasting of a digital single/album to major Disc Jocks. - USD$450
  • Worldwide Email Blasting of a digital single/album to major Disc Jocks. - USD$800

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Payment Options:

  • We can send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay for securely online using any major credit/debit card or Paypal account.
  • You can send your payment through Western Union or MoneyGram.
  • You can pay in cash at the studio.
  • You can wire or deposit the funds directly into our bank account - Chase (USA), NCB (JA), or First Global (JA).

*ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS and are subject to change.*

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