April 2017 | Jamplified Records

April 2017

What Do Your Brand Graphics Say About You?


If you’re a new and upcoming artist, or if you’re a veteran, communicating a consistent brand identity is important. Many artists ask themselves, ‘Who Am I?”, a question many find difficult to answer. Be honest with yourself, think hard about answering that question and when you do, carefully craft a unique brand identity that represents you. 

Why You Need A Producer For Your Next Project


A producer is usually someone with the requisite level of music knowledge and experience to guide a recording from start to finish. An experienced producer should have the necessary technical skills to work along with a studio engineer or be in a position to engineer the project themselves. Whether they're working with a novice or experienced artist, the producer should be able to guide the artist in terms of song selection, structure and arrangement and vocal performance to deliver the right recording personality.

Producers typically come from one of four backgrounds:

How to Build A Strong Online Presence


In today’s digitally driven world, it is increasingly important for you as an artist to not just fit in, but to differentiate yourself. Building a strong online presence requires you to present yourself in a professional, yet authentic manner.