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What Every Singer/Deejay Should do Before Releasing a Single


Are you in the process of creating a song?

Or, have you already recorded your song and you’re now wondering what to do next?

Well, you’re in the right place! :)

Here are 4 things every singer/deejay should do before releasing an album:

1) Give the fans behind-the-scenes access

This tip is one of our favourites! Take your fans on a journey - tell them a story! Grant them behind-the-scenes access to show them all that went into creating the song. This could be footage from the recording sessions, or from the song-writing session.

3 Recording Tips for Better Sounding Vocals


You enter the studio extremely excited to lay your vocals on track.

You step into the booth - confident about your skills, the music starts playing, you begin singing/deejaying only to realise you sound horrible.

You know you have the talent - others have even complimented you several times, however it’s just not translating the way you want while you’re in that booth.

The truth is, many artists face this when recording, especially for the first time.

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Recording Artists


Email marketing should be a recording artist’s best friend. It is one of the best tools for attracting your fans and promoting your music and/or upcoming events. In fact, it’s much quicker and less expensive than traditional marketing methods. Once you’ve built your email list (email addresses should only be included in your email list if you received permission from the owners to market to them), it’s smooth sailing from there! 
Here are three reasons why you should consider email marketing.


3 Reasons Why You Need A Manager


The more exposure you gain in the recording industry, the more complicated it can become to handle both your personal and professional affairs. To prevent losing out on business opportunities, and to help maintain balance, here are three reasons why you need a manager:
Propel Your Career
Frankly speaking, most musicians are not business people. A manager should propel your career by protecting your interest and keeping track of business realities within the industry, so that you can focus on making music.