November 2017 | Jamplified Records

November 2017

Album Release Checklist


We’ve been writing about the music business and giving you the best tips.


If you are a musician or aspiring to become one, this blog post is one of the most important checklists you’ll ever come across. Thinking about releasing an album? There are a few things you need to tick off on your to-do list. Let’s get that list started!


Music: The Industry Guide


In the music industry, your job is never just 9 to 5 and is rarely limited to one role. There is a whole lot of commitment involved and you will most definitely need to be dedicated to achieving results. Most importantly though, you need to be educated about the industry.


Music Marketing ‘How to’ Guide: Connecting with Influencers


Do you want to get the attention of influencers? Are you trying to connect to them using social media? Read on for a three step ‘How To’ guide on connecting with influencers.


One of the Best Music Marketing Tools of 2017: Social Media Influencers


Gone are the days when ‘big-shot’ celebrities were the only individuals that brands and business could utilize to spread their influence to promote products/services. Now, we’ve stepped into a new age where influencer marketing is on the rise, largely due to the success of platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. These individuals through their creative/innovative content have gained large followings online, which is what makes them influential.

The big question is: “How can artistes benefit from these influencers?”