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How to Get an Artist to Record Your Song


The ultimate goal for any songwriter is to get an artist to record their song - hearing the words they wrote on paper come to life is indescribable - magical! The truth however, is that many writers struggle to transition their written words from paper to the lips of an an artist. It’s not an easy task! 

One of the most effective ways to find an artist to record your song is to network! Put yourself out there and build relationships - attend parties/events and strike up conversations with industry players. We constantly stress that the internet is one of your most valuable tools - use it! Strike up conversations with artists - please note that there will be many songwriters trying to hit them up, so show them what sets you apart from the rest; provide value! It may seem awkward at first, but trust us, it works!

There are several artists who are interested in writing their own song, but have no experience in doing so. Another effective way to get your song recorded is to reach out to one of these artists and offer to co-write a song with them. This is a win-win situation - you get to write a song that just may make huge headlines, and the artist will learn a great deal by co-writing with someone with your level of experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work! 

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