#MusicMisconceptions → “I don’t need an engineer. I can record, mix, and master my own music.” | Jamplified Records

#MusicMisconceptions → “I don’t need an engineer. I can record, mix, and master my own music.”


With the emergence of home recording studios, it has become very cheap for artists and musicians to produce their own tracks from start to finish. However, is going into full DIY mode really the best choice if you want your songs to be of superior quality and radio-ready? It’s valuable for the person who is mixing or mastering your track to be someone who wasn’t a part of the recording process. Having an engineer who is hearing the song for the first time usually improves results, as the engineer with “fresh ears” is able to be objective and many times instantly detect what is missing, or what should be removed or adjusted (that’s one of the reasons recording facilities have teams of engineers). Additionally, a professional mixing/mastering engineer has worked on countless songs/albums and has more-often-than-not developed a critical ear for what frequency levels work best across different playback systems from a technical standpoint. This is key to getting top-notch results when mixing or mastering. So, the next time you you decide you don’t need to hire a professional, ask yourself “Do I want to go the cheap route and do everything myself, or do I want my track to be outstanding and of excellent quality?”. If you answered yes to the latter, you are already one step closer to that professionally mixed/mastered track that will be ready for airplay!

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