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Why Every Artist Needs A Press Kit


Whether you are an experienced or upcoming artist, having an updated press kit is essential to securing business opportunities with booking agents and A&R representatives from major and indie labels. 

Your brand represents you.
A press kit is your brand, your image, it is essentially you in a package and is the key to selling venues and showing labels that you will make a lucrative return if they invest their time and resources in you. In an industry with little to no barriers to entry, anyone can make and submit a press kit, which means you’re competing against a lot of other artists to get recognized by the right people.

Preparation is key.
Spend the necessary time to formulate a proper physical and electronic press kit. You might think that because we live in a digital world today, you should only do an electronic press kit, but that’s not so. Having a physical copy ensures that you are always prepared to show what you have to offer in hand whenever the opportunity arises.

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