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About Us

The Label

Jamplified Records, the brainchild of record producer, recording/mixing engineer and musician Rickman Warren, has become a force to be reckoned with in music production.
Located in Kingston Jamaica, the record label, consisting of a production team that composes, records, mixes and masters for artistes and record labels, is synonymous with transforming concepts into chart topping hits.
With a host of musical production and engineering credits to its name, the creative force behind the “Stonehenge” and “Movements” rhythms, has worked with a long list of artists including Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley, Richie Spice, Jah Cure, Luciano, Tony Rebel, T.O.K., Queen Ifrica, Luciano, Turbulence and Duane Stephenson, among many others.
In 2008 Jamplified flexed its musical muscle releasing Queen Ifrica’s “Far Away” as the first single from the Movements Rhythm. The critically acclaimed song spent almost 30 weeks on the charts and was featured on Ifrica’s album Montego Bay as well as on VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2009.
The Stonehenge Rhythm, an uptempo reggae beat infused with a soulful European flavour followed in 2009. Stonehenge featured artistes like Jah Cure, whose song “Never Say Never” became an instant favourite in Jamaica and around the world.
Driven by a love and passion for music, Jamplified is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the industry and pioneering new phenomena. Rickman’s wide, cross genre musical influences have helped to shape Jamplified’s musical style for international appeal. In 2008, Jamplified released the Movements Rhythm Remix Album which featured acoustic and electronic versions of the original songs. The techno infusion of this remix album initiated a new wave of Reggae Techno Remixes among Jamaican artistes.
The Jamplified production machine is currently working on tracks for upcoming albums from Queen Ifrica, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley, Richie Spice, Tony Rebel, Bryan Art, as well as a host of other notable artists throughout the world. 

The Recording Studio

The Jamplified recording studio is located in the heart of reggae music, Kingston, Jamaica. The studio has been in operation since the late 2000s, and is primarily used for production and mixing. The Jamplified studio boasts a cutting edge mixture of both digital and analog gear including brands like Avid, Steven Slate, Dangerous Music, Native Instruments, Fender, DBX, Blue, and more. It’s located in an intimate, private environment, perfect for honing creativity. Home to a veteran music production team with decades of experience, headed by Rickman Warren, the studio is used daily for everything from writing/composing sessions, to mixing and mastering.

Rickman Warren

Rickman Warren is a record producer, recording/mixing engineer and musician, based in Kingston, Jamaica and is the founder of Jamplified Records.
Rickman was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. As a child, he listened to an eclectic mix of music, naturally developing a love for it.
His musical influences range from classical composers like Antonio Vivaldi and Ludwig van Beethoven, to R&B producers Quincy Jones and Tim & Bob, to hip-hop producers Dr. Dre and Timbaland, even to celtic music producers like Nicky Ryan (Enya), and undoubtedly to reggae/dancehall producers including Bobby "Digital B" Dixon and Sly & Robbie.
His love for music started to blossom during his high-school years, when he began making mixtapes and remixes in his basement. As Rick got older, his interest turned more towards music production.His basic setup in the basement gradually evolved into a fully-functional recording studio. During this time, he also started learning to play several instruments, including the piano, guitar and drums.
Today, he rarely relies on samples when producing, preferring to either play the music himself or use live musicians. After high school, Rickman moved to Orlando, Florida to study music production and engineering at Full Sail University, and graduated with a degree in Recording Arts & Entertainment Business. It is because of this training that many producers and studio engineers call on him for technical and creative advice. Subsequently, Rick moved to Miami to work at Circle House, Inner circle's world-class recording facility. There, he learned techniques from some of the industry's leading engineers and producers.
Inevitably, he moved back to Jamaica to establish his own record label.
Rickman has worked (as producer or recording/mixing engineer), with a long list of artists, including: Jah Cure, Luciano, Tony Rebel, T.O.K., Lady Saw, Queen Ifrica, Turbulence, Duane Stephenson, and many others.